About Us

Faith Lutheran Church and Faith Episcopal Church

        Faith Lutheran Church of Wichita Falls began in 1959, when a group of people began meeting for worship and study. A borrowed church soon gave way to a house chapel, which was replaced in 1966 by the first unit of the present church building on Southwest Parkway at Professional Drive.

        Faith Lutheran has been known in our community for our many volunteers and for our community support. For many years, we have emphasized a different organization each month in an effort to highlight a special need and encourage funding. We have promoted a balance of local, synodical, and global efforts. For example, during the pandemic, we offered heavy financial support to the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank. Like most food banks across the country, ours was in great need when people were out of work and/or home in isolation and quarantine. In a similar way, we raised money for the “Global Barnyard” food initiative sponsored by the ELCA. In those sorts of ways, we were able to help both our local and our global neighbors who were in the greatest need.

        The most exciting recent development that emerged at the end of 2021, was the opportunity for Faith Lutheran to partner with Faith Episcopal Church. (formerly The Episcopal Church of Wichita Falls (ECWF))  Through a unique set of circumstances, the ECWF needed a place to worship and call home. After a short “getting to know you” period, we began 8:45am Episcopal worship services here at Faith Lutheran. Our traditional Lutheran worship remained at 10:45am, both on Sunday mornings. Thankfully, the two congregations have enjoyed our partnership in ministry. Since we are in the same theological family, we are able to combine ourselves for Advent and Lenten Wednesday services. We also gathered together for both Ash Wednesday and Christmas Eve. We all enjoyed the excitement of a fuller sanctuary! We also partner in mission projects like gathering food products for Interfaith Outreach Services here in Wichita Falls. We also enjoy group fellowship and work projects. This has been an amazing adventure in ministry and outreach.

        Both congregations are inclusive in our hospitality. Both congregations value liturgical worship and we all follow the Revised Common Lectionary for our Sunday worship services. We also enjoy a single group Bible Study on Wednesday evenings at 6:00pm. Please continue to check this web-site for updates and other upcoming opportunities to participate on whatever level you are comfortable. Everyone is invited and welcome to join us for any or all activities. You may also call the church office M-TH from 9:00am-2:00pm for more information.

Come and see what all of the excitement is about!